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Our Background

Yvonne and Sam Malcolm started out writing and hosting murder mystery parties as fundraisers for charity events that they are involved with. They received excellent feedback from these events with participants enjoying the chance to dress up and act as their character for the night, while trying to solve the mystery. Due to the success of these events they have made each murder mystery that they have written available for you to purchase online so that you can host your own night of mystery.

Who are we?

We are a husband and wife team who live in Alexandra, Central Otago with our son, our dog and a stray cat. We have been writing murder mysteries in our spare time for the last 10 years.

Sam grew up in Alexandra, works on an Orchard, is in the fire brigade and plays rugby and guitar. Yvonne grew up in Reporoa, in the Bay of Plenty, plays netball and basketball and is currently on maternity leave but otherwise works for the local energy company.

You'd think that being on maternity leave would mean that there is plenty of time in the day to write mysteries and do marketing! Well that's what we thought before havingour son anyway! Casey keeps us busy and with our other jobs, the dog, sports and general life admin that leaves only a little time for our murder mystery business... but we love it! Writing mysteries is like doing a puzzle and it's a great creative outlet, and we absolutely love particpating in them.

We laugh and laugh at how guests portray our characters and it makes us really happy to see our work in action, and giving people so much joy and laughter.

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We aren't very good at talking about ourselves so we asked our niece and nephew (7 & 8 year's old) to write some bio's for us. Needless to say, we will be using these for all future biography needs.

SAM MALCOLM- Sam is cool. He is a fireman and plays rugby. He has a child, a dog and a cat. He snores loudly (subsequently confirmed to be Oma and Opa, not Sam). Sam loves Christmas and peanut butter! Sam goes swimming in the cold and plays on the slip and slide. He is a good bouncer on the trampoline.

YVONNE MALCOLM- Yvonne (mostly known as Aunty Evey) has a child, dog and cat. Aunty Evey wants to buy a new car, likes peanut butter and doesn't like clothes with buttons. She is creative and is a mum. She owns a fleet of planes* (Air NZ), asks us maths questions, likes her child and dog and her name is like the Pokemon called Evey.

*When our nephew was little he thought we owned every plane in the sky. We do in fact, now own about 0.00000000001% of AirNZ though, so we are no longer liars.

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