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How it works


1. Purchase and download one of our murder mystery party kits. There are a range of different themes that you can choose from.

2. Each party kit will come with the scenario for the event and the murder that needs to be solved. This should be read out at the start of the night to all of the guests that are attending.

3. You will also receive clues and a background story for each of the characters. These should be printed and given to each of the participants. It is recommended that each guest bring their character clue and background story with them so that they can refer to them on the night if they need to.

4. Before the event each participant should read their clue and background story. We would encourage each guest to dress up in character as this makes for a much more entertaining night. Participants should not disclose to anyone their character name or clue before the event.


1. When guests arrive give them their name tags to be worn for the night.

2. Read the scenario  out to all of the guests. This will set the scene for the night.

3. Participants mix and mingle with each other throughout the night. Over the course of the night each character should subtly reveal their clues to each other. We have provided a backstory for each character which they can also talk about but they must reveal their clue at some point. One of the participants will be the murderer. The murderer should not tell anyone that they are the murderer. They will not receive any clue but can make up a story to put the suspicion onto other characters.

4. When the guests feel they have enough information to make a guess about the murderer each person has a turn at making their accusation. They have to state who they think the murderer was, the murder weapon and motive. The person or persons who get the closest win the game. We recommend having a small prize for the winner.

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