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Murder at Old King Cole's Coronation- FAMILY FRIENDLY (12-20 Participants)

Murder at Old King Cole's Coronation- FAMILY FRIENDLY (12-20 Participants)


Please note- there are two versions of this murder mystery, the standard version and a family friendly version. This is the family friendly version.  


Murder at Old King Cole's Coronation is our nursery rhyme/fairy tale themed murder mystery.

Mary who had a little lamb has been found dead at Old King Cole's Coronation! Can you solve the crime?


This Murder Mystery is family friendly as it does not contain adult themes, however does contain themes of death and murder.   We would recommend that only mature children at least 10 and over are invited to play, but this is at the discretion of the host as every child is different. We find that very small children don't understand the concept of giving out their clues, but you could include them by giving them a different nursery rhyme to dress up as for fun, but not have them as part of the mystery.  We have noted in the hosting document that there are 5 (out of 12) essential characters suitable for children and 7 (out of 8) non-essential characters.  As our mysteries are aimed at adults, we do not recommend hosting a mystery for children only.


This Muder Mystery caters for 12-20 people and contains five male, eight female and seven gender neutral characters.


Difficulty rating: Easy. Suitable for a group of intern detectives.


This Murder Mystery includes:

- Instructions on how to run the event 

- A name tag template

- Character backstories and clues

- A suggested template with helpful information to send to guests

- The answers to the mystery (who the murderer was, why they did it, how they did it)


- Individual PDF's of Character Suspect Cards.   Characters include the likes of Old King Cole, Humpty Dumpty, Rapunzel, Prince Charming, Big Bad Wolf, Little Red Riding Hood, Incy Wincy Spider, and many more.



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