Murder at the Beauty Pageant (12-20 People)

Murder at the Beauty Pageant (12-20 People)

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It's the 87th annual Miss New Zealand pageant and one of the contestants has been found dead. The backstage doors are sealed shut by the Police and everyone is suspected of murder. Can you solve the crime?


This mystery is perfect for hens parties and ladies nights. This mystery contains some sexual references and rude names, and as such we do not recommend it for children. 


Sometimes a hens party calls for a stripper or topless waiter, so if you were wanting to do this, you could have them act as the police at the start of your evening and lock everyone in your venue. 


In case you have a few gentlemen in your lives who wish to participate also, we have incorporated 5 gender neutral characters.


This Murder Mystery includes:

- Instructions on how to run the event

- Character backstories and clues for 12-20 people

- The answers to the mystery (who the murderer was, why they did it, how they did it)

Characters include - Judges, MC, Mothers, Stylist, Fitness trainer, Miss NZ contestants from across the country.