Murder at the Museum (30-40 people)

Murder at the Museum (30-40 people)


A strange thing has happened at the New Zealand Museum of History, all the mannequins in the 1900's exhibition have magically come to life. The police and fire brigade are called to assist with rounding up the rather confused mannequins before they get loose in town. Most of the mannequins have unfinished business and are not keen to be rounded up and amidst the chaos, the museum curator, Mr Ant Tique, is found dead. The police decide to lock up all visitors, workers and mannequins in the museum and everyone is suspected of murder. Can you solve the crime??


This murder mystery caters for 30-40 people. It is not suitable for children however it is one of our more conservative party kits.



  • This murder mystery includes

    • Instructions on how to run the event
    • Murder mystery scenario
    • Character clues
    • Character back stories
    • The verdict which contains the answers to who commited the murder, why they did it and how they did it.