Music Festival Murder (10-13 participants)

Music Festival Murder (10-13 participants)


Set backstage at a music festival, Malcolm Old from ADCD has been found dead in their room. Can you figure out who commited the crime, why they did it and how they did it?


This Murder Mystery caters for 10-13 people. It is not suitable for children; contains sexual references. This mystery is great for those who love rock music.


Characters include many famous rock stars and concert goers. Bangus Old, Stevie Dicks, Hoedonna, Cod Stewart, Shania Slain, Hugh Jass, Prick Jagger, Les Party, Ozzy Ozporn, Garth Vader, Ocean Waves, Dolly Farton and Coco Cain.


This Murder Mystery Includes:

- Instructions on how to run the event

- Character backstories and clues for 10-13 people

- The answers to the mystery (who the murderer was, why they did it, how they did it)